Msgboard :: Help

A couple of things to help you get going on our small msgboard. No worries, we’ll keep it short.

Foremost, you noticed this is not a full-blown forum like some popular sites around. It’s not intended to be, this is mainly a way for us to communicate with our readers. While you can post anything here, posting elsewhere will get you more responses. As a result, we feel free to demand a little more restraint, and intellect from people posting here, we do not need to be popular.

You probably noticed, you need to register to post here. Why ? Well, we hope everyone will think first before commenting, one can’t pretend to be someone else, and we can, if really needed, talk to someone in person. We only need your email address for that. We use that to send you your password (also when forgotten) and for the incidental case we wanna talk to you about what you post (read: near to never). We won’t use it for anything else, it’s not displayed in your profile by standard. You can add it there yourself, but even then it will get ‘encrypted’, so spam(ro)bots won’t pick it up and start sending your crap. Register here and the rest will speak for itself.

Oh, and do not purposely register as known Habbo staff and such, please, unless you are. Just as yourself. You can do it, it will work, but we’ll ask for a formal acknowledgement, or if in your messages we already see it’s no true, goes with the trash… Take your Habbo name, much more fun, we’ll come visit :p.


… we don’t really have, or not much, but there’s a general principle, be friendly. We’re too lazy to make a list of what is not allowed. People will just look for the holes in the list, and rules do not help against rude people. You’re allowed to say almost anything, but you keep being friendly. Actually, that much more strict as on most sites around. There you can stick to the rules and still post unfriendly comments. Not here. Some people think they can always say what’s on their mind, constructive critisism and such. Sounds like freedom of speech, but is being misused to react against someone else. Elsewhere, not here. If you haven’t got anything friendly to say, or something critical in a friendly way, just keep your mouth shut, not that hard at all. Also, when something old/known is posted, it serves that one person explains that in a friendly way. You look like an idiot repeating stuff like “Been there for ages”, “Ooold” and such…

For the rest, we’d like to stick to what Habbo Hotel homepages refer to as the “Habbo (fansite) way”. No talk about scripting and more harmful illegal things. We don’t mind talk on unreleased features/furniture etc. when posted elsewhere - we’re not going to post unreleased material on our content pages though. Additionally, this msgboard is also not the place to share information/put up links to what you found with a retroserver, what programs are needed to break into Habbo files and anything that even just smells like it - go away.

Silly we even have to add this, but you can put links to other fansites/forums in your messages, we find it weird we’re not allowed elsewhere. Just don’t spam.

HTML and such

Allowed html, for those knowing the tags: <a>, <b> (but rather use <strong>, same effect), <i> (but rather use <em>, same effect), <ul>, <li> en <code>. Yup, you can’t post pictures (though can link them). Any interweb address is automatically converted to a working link.

If you install the Volter Goldfish font (as used in Habbo hotel), smilies are a bit more fun ;).


  • To avoid doubleposting you can’t post again within a minute;
  • Your own posts you can edit and delete. Editing is always an option, deleting them is only available first 30 minutes after posting a message.