Habborator Infobuzz

The park with the Infobus is not available in all hotels. The hotels that do have it host a variety of non-profit organisations, and the print on the outside of the bus differs. At set times these organisations host sessions inside the bus, where people can speak with their experts. Discussion inside is led by the experts, which you can distinguish by their badge. They have a poll/voting tool available to ask questions to all people inside.

We’ll have a look at all existing busses (and some old ones). Expert badges are displayed along, but for a total overview on those check here. For the interior of the busses, the Finnish park being a little different in the past and some real life busses, check here:

Australian park & bus were introduced in February 2007. It’s inhabited by Reach Out!: youthcare on the internet. Reach Out! badge.

June 2007 the Australian bus got temporarily replaced for the Rock the Schools Tour 07. “Rock the Schools Tour is an exciting educational initiative that entertains and inspires high school students throughout Australia via high intensity live rock concerts at schools for FREE!”

The canadian bus hosts the O.P.P. (Ontario Provincial Police) giving advice and information. Great work on those lights on top of the bus ;). O.P.P. badge.

Finnish bus carries the name of EOPH, an anti-drugs organisation. But there’s also experts available from other organisations, not in infobus though, like Netari - youthcare on the internet - and the MLL. Actually, there’s a confusing amount of collaborating between these organisations (and Sulake) going on, resulting in websites/badges like the Manteli and HUBU ones. Details on the badges page.
FI1/HUB badge. Manteli badge. Netari badge. Netari related badge. EOPH related badge. MLL badge.

French bus hosted, like other busses, Unicef, but they left.
Unicef badge.

The last organisation to enter the French bus is Fil Santé Jeunes (youthcare), after having a separate floor in navigator for a year or so.
Fil Santé Jeunes badge.

German bus only hosts Powerchild, organisation against sexual violence towards children. If you think that print is somewhat strange, really, their real bus has it too - the baby elephant being safe with its parent is a symbol, I reckon. Apart from Powerchild there’s also meetings with bke in the hotel.
Powerchild badge. BKE badge.

Italian bus is dedicated to Unicef, like - formerly - in Sweden, France and Spain.

Bus in Norway hosts youth department of the local Red Cross. Red Cross badge.

The bus in Singapore, the Netherlands and sometimes other countries is plain white, thus allowing to host multiple non-profit organisations. The park public room is permanently accessible in navigator. Occasionally we see this bus in other countries - not having the park permanently - for one-time/occasional events (US, China). UK switched to this bus version for a while too, and it was in Brazil and Denmark.

Singapore hosts Knights (general charity) en AVA (promoting responsible behavior concerning food and animals).

In the Netherlands there’s sessions with Pestweb (Against child harassment/bullying), Warchild (helping war victims) and Sterkamp (youthcare). Also Docters without borders and Childright (Global child rights) and STZG (Stichting tegen zinloos geweld - Foundation against aimless violence) used to be in there, but not anymore. The COC (representing homosexuality) had a one-time presence during a ‘Week of tolerance’.
STZG badge. Childright badge. Pestweb badge. Docters without borders badge. Warchild badge. COC badge. Sterkamp badge.

Spanish bus in 2008 hosted Cibervoluntarios. To get their logo properly on top the bus was somewhat enlarged (or as Zatley phrased it properly: “ohhh fat bus”, bit weird alright). Cibervoluntarios badge.

Spanish bus used to host Chaval, youth department of an organisation for online safety. Outside the bus there was also information being given by Comisariado Europeo del Automóvil - concerning itself with road safety and children. Chaval badge. CEA badge.

Another former version of the Spanish bus did host, like the Italian and French busses, Unicef. Unicef badge.

In 2009 Spain saw a 4th version of their bus, Protegeles (child safety on the internet) doing the sessions.
Protegeles badge.

In the past, Unicef was in the bus in Sweden, it was gone for a long time, but february 2007 a Red Cross department (concerning itself with youth, discrimination and social issues, it seems), Ungdomsförbund had its logo printed on the bus. Unicef badge. Ungdomsförbund badge.

At the moment Swiss hotel has no park/infobus, but once Schtifti - Stiftung für soziale Jugendprojekte - had their logo printed on it. Schtifti badge.

At the moment Swiss hotel has no park/infobus, but once Pro Juventute had their logo printed on it. Pro Juventute badge.

United Kingdom used to have the FRANK bus (Anti-drugs organisation). After they left the bus was plain white for a couple of years, mainly used for safety sessions. But also Childline was active in hotel (2007 and up), mostly in own rooms, and a ‘Way too much information’ (online safety) campaign was around. In 2009 the BBC Bullyproof campaign was around also. General infobus badge. FRANK badge. Childline badge. Way too much information badge. Bullyproof badge (to be gained).

NHS campaign against cervical cancer, September 2009. Whole park got all pinky too. Arms against cervical cancer badge.

Rock the schools is returning to the park in 2010. Some sponsors changed though :p.

Brazil has the Fundação Abrinq in the (plain white) infobus for a long while now, but they only got their branded bus in 2010. Fundação Abrinq is a charity concerning themselves with child rights.