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Badges, you love ’m or couldn’t care less. Given the fact they’re mostly perceived as a status symbol (and designed to be just that, of course), we tend to the latter. But walking around with a badge because you won an event, well, we can see the fun. So, here’s an overview of - international - badges.

Sim, nós meio que parou de atualizar os emblemas. Si senõr, we no twitter but did quitter the updating of badges, a while ago. Too much, too much randomness, not much meaning anymore. February 5th we added our last badges and saved us some time, as we’re already a couple of hundred badges behind the facts. I would remove this page, but Emma won’t let me. It being a token in time, and reference for old badges, something like that.

Every hotel has a directory online like: http://images.habbo.com/c_images/album1584/, and every hotel has all international badges inside (it’s actually same folder, yes). Their names are usually meaningful, so guessing gets you a long way. For local badges mostly countrycode (UK, NL, NO etc.) is used and a number. For instance:


…will get you the EOPH Infobus badge as used in Finland. Keep increasing the number and it’ll stop after number of badges actually there. And so on. Here’s our list so far, click the badges for details*.

* Browsers around started ‘bicubicly’ rendering images when a website enlarges images by just changing their sizes (not the real image). Bad thing for pixelart sites, that do that a lot. Our badge enlarging on the right screen turned blurry. IE has a fix, FF3 users, please upgrade to 3.6+, fixed too. Bug is reported for webkit browsers (Chrome and Safari), no fix in view yet. Opera, you can type ‘opera:config’ in your address bar, search for ‘interpolate’ and remove the checkmark and save. This will turn off interpolation for all websites though, not sure you’d want that when not browsing a lot of pixelart sites.


Lots of our visitors helped us explain badges, much appreciated. Where in recent years we found the badges almost exclusively, there’s lot of people and other sites finding them too. Being the first is highly overrated (as all will find them), but credit where credit is due. Lots of badge finds are done by Habbies [NL], Puhekupla [Int], iBobba [BR], Habbid [BR], Habbos [ES] and Café Dourado [BR]. Thanks Habboconcept for explaining Italian badges.

Statistics [†, as of Feb. 5th 2011]

International badge directories

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