…you did it again. We know the feeling, speaking up your mind is not always the best idea. Well, mostly it is. But sometimes silence is gold.

[UK] Which Club already ?!


UK was in suspense, their Callie was fired and apparently found a new company, Club Tropica (oops in itself). Rumours were player support guy Disarno was going there too, and he made that clear by doing a very obvious ‘typo’:

[NL] Look, I’m rich


Temporarily hired player support ‘ariedevries’ liked to show off a little, stacking 100’s of gold bars in his room. And ofcourse it had to be told (pic by Coryza): “from habbo hotel itself. i can myslef store credits to myself”. Oh well, he’s said to be a Mod now, so hopefully he learned a little since.

[NL] Yes, we said you could have…


it. But we do not have, it. Sorry. Just two examples where winning a competition ends up in the promised prize not being there, or a bit different. Five Dutch Habbo’s won a skateboard. That competition was being globally, if we recall correctly. Took some weeks, then a mail arrived. “By now we got the skateboards from Sulake HQ and found out they do not meet expectations we had. The print is not equal to the picture on the website, and further, the board is not finished.” And they apologized, proposed a deal. Bummer. Then, Dutch Habbo ‘Etihad’ hit the jackpot. Won an alt competition, won an iPod classic. At first the prize didn’t get send anyway, but after a long time (miscommunication, explanation) it arrived. An iPod nano. Which is not close to the promised player. Bummer (2). One has to say though, both cases sorted out nicely. The iPod got replaced, the skateboards finished and delivered. Well done NL staff. Source: Habbies 1 2 3 (Dutch).

[FI] Seen our Mod tools ?


Sometimes, in screenshots by staff, the buttons for moderation tools show up. Happens. Showing off whole moderation tools is maybe not a good idea, like Hessuli in Finland did. Then again, next uploaded picture showed it wasn’t her intention to even use it. It’s just, anything uploaded these days will be found, for sure.