Sulake’s style

Older habbo's may have noticed this page is highly influenced by an early design of Sulake homepage. Throughout the years they have had a couple. Not many though, for a company that's online for almost 10 years. When looking at their logo, the 'brand' only changed face once even:

About that logo btw, we always thought it represented a 'fuse', but never could find an image of its origin. Turns out we were wrong. Sampo Karjalainen: "As far as I remember, the idea for the original logo was to have some type of network, a network of people or other units, in it. I was also playing with an idea of having a dynamic logo that can have different forms or even based on an algorithm. I played with different forms and started to like this compact, loosely S-shaped, form. If you stare at it long enough you start to see some 3D in it :). A static logo is practical and easier to recognize so we ended up using this one."

New logo, in the end, was part of an overall re-branding, of the website, office and press material in general, done by Riikka Haro. Everything before had the typical pixelstyle Habbo has, but with intentions to present a portfolio with multiple products, it was time to seperate style of Habbo and company itself.

Habbo Limited™ in UK had an own company website, being Other notable pages were the press releases page on early Sulake Labs' site and the page where Sulake Labs released thier 'FUSE Light' software package (we saved that page):

Acquiring IRC-Galleria in 2007 was done with intention to spread it globally, eventually. For that, styling of the site was re-done. No revolution, but with lots of added green and more playful. Lots of things, including logo, based on the work of Riikka Kurki, Senior Graphic Designer, Campaigns from March 2008 - November 2009 at Sulake (have a look in her portfolio, nice graphics). Impression:

Latest released project, Bobba Bar, and its experimental predecessor, Mini Friday share a lot of similarities with Habbo, in general setup, isometric design and such, they are also a very different experience, foremost in style, as are their websites. While Mini Friday is still a pure pixel project, and its website reflects that, Bobba Bar can't be considered pixelart anymore. Yet even the website reflects its origins. While all shiny, 21st century graphics, it's still all about (building) blocks, even the logo.