Next to Habbo, Sulake had and has a few (read: lots off) other projects running. In early days, having done Mobiles disco, experimenting with Mchat (those and loads more at our Attic), it wasn't a given Kultakala and or the newly released UK Habbo Hotel were going to be the core business of Sulake. Habbo ended up being the #1 priority. Currently, Q4 2011, next to Habbo, there's only two side-ventures alive and kicking.

Sulake experimented with games for mobile phones before. Mini Friday is "a small research project on virtual worlds on mobile phones. We are trying to find out if real-time virtual worlds make sense on mobile devices." Online since 2006 and running for 2+ years, conclusion, 1 million accounts, it's a viable project. In 2009 its follow-up, Bobba Bar was made public.

…formerly only Bobba, is a new 3D world, but aimed at an older audience and available on mobile phones (Nokia and iPhone). It's the same concept as Habbo, all isometric, even logo reflects origin, at the same time, looks totally different. Apparently it will not be limited to phones in the future [source: Gamasutra], but also being extended to the desktop, maybe more.

And their latest project is 'Lost Monkey' (by Habbo), a game for iStuff. Visually, a combination between vector graphics and Habbo styled pixels.

It's free, and ties in with Habbo Hotel giving you a pet monkey and related furniture inside hotel when finishing the game. You can speed up/make the game easier by buying extra energy though. Not having iThings, our impression is the game has an extensive gameplay, mini-games and all. It's like they redid 'Habbo Islands' (Attic), but this time for a popular gaming platform.