The Office(s)

Up till end of 2006, the Sulake desks were in office buildings, along with other companies. Related companies, and maybe even in-house at the companies they started with. From the 5 addresses the Sulake site listed in Helsinki, Taivas (divisions) has/had offices in at least 4 too. Funny detail, 4 of the addresses (the ones related with Taivas) are connected in a very physical way, they're next to eachother. If you look at the picture of their last residence before getting an own building, Eteläranta 12 (last picture), you can actually see 2 of the other office buildings (same for #4). A map.

Since November 2006 Sulake is located in its own 'eye-catching' office in Helsinki. Looks really modern, with classic touch, but is actually build in 1905, its architect being Lars Sonck. It's located (like most of offices above) in the Kaartinkaupunki district. Some pictures, out- and inside:

And September 2011 they made another move, settled in a modern, glass cube, with other big companies: Porkkalankatu 1, Helsinki, picture taken by Osma Ahvenlampi.

Maybe this is the place to add some of the local offices. In a lot of cases, these will be inside anonymous office buildings, but a fun shot of front with habbo artifacts might still be nice. Inside shots can be nice, but faces of VIP's only kinda spoil it. Shots that other people have a clear 'exclusive' with a no-go too.