/ Introduction

As much as we like to look at all things Habbo in their final incarnation, it’s cool to see how it all came to be. We really enjoyed the examples notMiceElf showed at HabboTimes. Or, not Habbo related, but something we enjoy drooling over, is looking at how Dutch artist Arjan Westerdiep aka drububu crafts his pixels - Tutorial/Sketches.

Sulake realizes this, and started showing off some sketches at their Facebook pages, to create some buzz before a furniture range or related is released. So we collected those. We also got our hands on some sketches from other designers, and this is an open invitation to all (ex-)Sulake designers to show us some of their sketches, how it all got created. When in 1024x786 or close, best viewed fullscreen; this being one of many Habborator pages totally inaccessible on a phone.

We want all our pages running on jQuery and jQuery UI (using the tabs here) in the end. Additional features: AD Gallery, TipTip and PIE (CSS3 features for IE).