Luucaz | 05-04-2015 Oh, Ilkka’s back ?!

Hi there. On this dull easter day and some weeks before, I’m looking for reasons to get back to some fun designing/writing about whatever. Had a look in Habbo Hotel a week back or so, it’s there, still familiar. Clicked some links/sites today, all there. I’ve not been following for over a year, so completely out of the loop, but pretty fast I find Kalasaitti linking a Finnish article, Helsingin Sanomat, on Sulake/Habbo. Comments at Kalasaitti (translated, and just 2) seem to indicate: nothing new. But I had it google translated, and even through a crippled translation it got me some excitement (I’d welcome a proper translation). New/revealing to me:

1) It sheds some light on how Habbo was overrun by growth of iPhone/Facebook, betting on wrong horse (Nokia) and prolly too soon. Ideas there, timing unfortunate. It even implies Rovio (Angry birds) succesfully did what Sulake had planned for Habbo (animations/merchandise) but didn't get funded.

2) It shows Elisa, investor from start that finally incorporated Sulake, is kind of like a loyal friend. We had a stupid scandal, investers got out, it could have ended. Losses taken, still believing, the core of what’s there is a good thing and will lead to profit at some point. Not the huge bubble-like numbers, just a good product (and doing great in South-America). Now also on your phone, I believe.

3) Last, it mentions returns, ex-employees. Now I am curious (details please). One mentioned, armasK/Ilkka Kallasmaa. I wrote something when I found out he was fired. I thought I could continue this website when at least I could have my heroes talk. Ilkka even agreed to an interview but stopped responding when we send a first batch of questions. Maybe not the right time/not the usual questions, didn’t dare reminding seeing he was out of work at the time. So our interview section sorta stranded, seemingly some motivation also.

But, how exiting, a real hero back in place, and he talks! Now he should talk to us, and demand his pupils, friends and hrm, business relations, or cat to talk with us also. Wouldn’t it be fun to combine fandom, serious design, company strategy and heck, even economics.(?).. we do need that interview space here.

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Joe | 28-01-2015 Triple Threat

When a new year comes, we all are determined to put down the sweets, wine, chocolate, wine (did I say wine twice) and move on to fitness and exercise and keeping hot and healthy. Then the third of January comes and you find yourself slumped in front of the television with a box of Celebrations and you just say "Oh well, next year!"

I apologise if that's not you and you're sticking to your new year's resolution but I certainly haven't. Anyway, as we've all been recovering from the holiday spirit we've been quiet - so quiet, in fact, that we've missed three of our crew's birthdays, so it's for me to congratulate Connor, Laurens and Jan Ole on their birthdays and wish them all the best for another year.

As for us, we're keeping going. You may think it's slow but it's not. Great things come with greater preparation. Recent changes in the Habbo world may have made you doubt the future of Habbo, but when have you ever seen a museum close because it's subject does. The future is bright. Have a wonderful new year to all of you.

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Joe | 05-06-2014 Just keep swimming...

Luucaz gets old(er)! Being the newbie and one of the youngest, one would think it hard to fit in with such a diverse crew. One, in fact, would be wrong. Habborator is back to it's original self. Basement chats are long and busy, ideas are flying all over the shop and the updates are coming in thick and fast.

... which is perfect time to present to you our open letter for this year, written by Thantos, with some crew additions. Give it a look, some things you may agree and disagree with, that's the idea of an open letter. It's spreading nicely already, so why not have a quick read. Oh yes, the link, click me!

Anyway, back to the point, yesterday was Luucaz' birthday. Too humble to shout for himself, so I'll do it for him. Hope you had a nice day, Luuc, although you were probably working far too much as normal, but that's just you. Hope you had at least a few minutes to yourself.

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Luucaz | 21-12-2013 Sodom shows up

I have nothing with the military (I did do my service year though). I have everything with Sodom’s military themed alterations, they're beyond awesome. He posted those around 2007 at, then vanished. I hesitated for a few years, then illegally re-posted them at our /ALT section, with a little disclaimer. Big to me, Sodom shows up few days back, found them, approved and is now able to add to it. I finally got to see his ‘Firebase extended’ in good quality.

Just go look at them.

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Luucaz | 18-12-2013 New theme

So we got a new - default - theme for our front page. If you previously selected a theme, might have to clear cookies/refresh a couple of times (actually, seems not necessary, just click brown button). We needed it to reflect our current status. We're not around that much, Habbo changed, and by that our content. It's mostly about past features now. That's cool, not regretting changes, we'll focus on the past.

If that comes across as 'leaving the scene', it's not. We're not done at all. Some pages need a few final words and can by then be considered finished, no updates anymore. Others though can and should be extended, a new section is already planned, and we even added a bit of extra nostalgia to new theme (hit that sign). The wall is just there to say: at our own pace, when we get to it and when it really adds to the story. Anyway, hope you like (and a big thank-you to Star-Fighter for adding his cool pixels).

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Luucaz | 30-10-2013 Ehmm..

..7 years online today. 'twas also Flamed's birthday yesterday, haven't spoken with him for a while, so hope he's doing good. Seriously, the people that got on my path because I chose to do some silly habbo site, true love.

I maybe tried to get something major done here for this occasion , didn't succeed, yet, close. Habborator = not dead yet, though awfully slow. Major being just a revamp of things, shift of focus, us doing history and such. I mean, the Habbotimes guys, they really called it quits this year. We're never gonna do that, and we're even gonna think about new projects. Because we feel there's more to it.

For now, cosmetic changes ahead. They is awesome - we twittered - but cosmetic only.

Edit: /me sounds a bit worn out, in review. Watch a 1hr positive thing in 5min, SEEED. Positive energy wins, mostly.

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Luucaz | 30-10-2012 Habbo 12, us 6 - something real

October 30, 2006 we came online. And still not done. Well, not so sure we fit in nicely with recent Habbo/Sulake developments, but we still like documenting what happened inside them hotel walls over the years. And outside, for once. We now have a page on Habbo stuff in real life - we called it real. Now what shall we spend next year on?

PS. Due to huge amount of pictures needing to load, sometimes scrollbars are partly missing, it seems. Reload page once to fix. Looking for a solution. Edit: fixed, I think. If not, comment.

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