Luucaz | 08-01-2019 What we’re up to.

You probably noticed Habborator was abandoned by its crew last years. While being away, lots of sections stopped working, and ofcourse lots got outdated. We might update some more in 2019. That’s not a promise, but when I sorta started working on tiny bits and twittered a bit Joe noticed and is up to being involved, and we unexpectedly got someone joining us.

Meet Eternique. She’s majorly annoyed by some outdated things and declared she wanted “to try and participate rather than remain an appreciating bystander”. Can’t refuse the offer, so welcome. Gotta love meeting kindred spirits.

The (image) archive, basement and font generator are fixed. Code of Msgboard and gallery/alt section is outdated that much, fixing isn’t an option anymore. Mgboard was not used anymore, so that’s no real loss (does mean this news page which was part of it now needs to be updated manually). The gallery part needs to return, but different (some ideas about it, not started).

I want the tools at /exec work properly again (hate the volter text thing dysfunctional). Twittered some stuff that actually hints to a new page. It’s not new, Joe, Thantos and I were starting that in 2015. Better finish it (and that's as close to a promise I’ll get because that's closing in).

We have an interview section ready to go live, actually. It’s empty, because I strongly believe this can only lift off when we get to talk to armasK/Ilkka Kallasmaa first. He is ‘Mr. Habbo’, conviction that only got stronger over the years. While founders fled out, he remained and was big on quality control (not sure on roles of painimies and Retiisi, if even still present). Ilkka understands Habbo, we want to listen. So any (ex-)employees reading this, please convince him to talk to us (again).

Ok, that about it. Not in a hurry at all, but eagerly wanting to add some bits again. You can’t comment here anymore, but mail and twitter work.

Luucaz | 05-04-2015 Oh, Ilkka’s back ?!

Hi there. On this dull easter day and some weeks before, I’m looking for reasons to get back to some fun designing/writing about whatever. Had a look in Habbo Hotel a week back or so, it’s there, still familiar. Clicked some links/sites today, all there. I’ve not been following for over a year, so completely out of the loop, but pretty fast I find Kalasaitti linking a Finnish article, Helsingin Sanomat, on Sulake/Habbo. Comments at Kalasaitti (translated, and just 2) seem to indicate: nothing new. But I had it google translated, and even through a crippled translation it got me some excitement (I’d welcome a proper translation). New/revealing to me:

1) It sheds some light on how Habbo was overrun by growth of iPhone/Facebook, betting on wrong horse (Nokia) and prolly too soon. Ideas there, timing unfortunate. It even implies Rovio (Angry birds) succesfully did what Sulake had planned for Habbo (animations/merchandise) but didn't get funded.

2) It shows Elisa, investor from start that finally incorporated Sulake, is kind of like a loyal friend. We had a stupid scandal, investers got out, it could have ended. Losses taken, still believing, the core of what’s there is a good thing and will lead to profit at some point. Not the huge bubble-like numbers, just a good product (and doing great in South-America). Now also on your phone, I believe.

3) Last, it mentions returns, ex-employees. Now I am curious (details please). One mentioned, armasK/Ilkka Kallasmaa. I wrote something when I found out he was fired. I thought I could continue this website when at least I could have my heroes talk. Ilkka even agreed to an interview but stopped responding when we send a first batch of questions. Maybe not the right time/not the usual questions, didn’t dare reminding seeing he was out of work at the time. So our interview section sorta stranded, seemingly some motivation also.

But, how exiting, a real hero back in place, and he talks! Now he should talk to us, and demand his pupils, friends and hrm, business relations, or cat to talk with us also. Wouldn’t it be fun to combine fandom, serious design, company strategy and heck, even economics(?).. we do need that interview space here.