The Navigator is another part of Habbo that, like the Console, remained unchanged for years. Well, the early Kultakala navigator didn’t have that distinct Habbo look yet, but early Habbo navigator had same functionality:

In these early versions the option to see who’s inside a room was part of navigator. When hotels grew this was moved to a seperate popup where you had to hold the ‘SHIFT’ while clicking on the ‘Go’ button (now completely gone/not remade for new client). Some more screenshots: .

With growth continuing the navigator got revamped again (pre-v6, not sure on date/version). Public rooms needed categorizing, as their number grew (subcategory loaded on top of it all), favorites and a search option were added, and overall look got updated. Actually, screenshots are from v9 plus, it being adapted twice after already. It was v6 that added the coloring at the ‘Go’ button (indicating how full a room is), the categorizing of guest rooms (here’s that: ), and the option to store more favorites. Then, v9 added one new color for full rooms, including the option to hide those.

With BETA/transition to flash also the navigator had to be rebuild. We’ll just look at the final navigator, ignore the abundance of big and small updates in BETA versions. Besides the updated look, key here is being optimally ‘customizable’. Same navigator version can look totally different in any hotel, it’s really up to local management how to set up browsing their hotel. That’s choosing functionality as in setting up categories and what to represent at first view (that was available in former navigator) but also visual, as images can now be used behind any parts (including subheaders), and all kinda sizes are available. The ‘public room’ part can now also be used to link to private/campaign rooms (did the old nav do that ?), or to categories of them. But also, since rooms can now be ‘tagged’, option to link to all rooms tagged something specific too. To conclude, an attempt to list all other new features/options: