First Habbo hotel, in Finland, came online August 2000. 10+ years later, and 60+ versions of the ‘engine’ that makes Habbo spin, it’s still alive. As much fun it is to see which furniture is released elsewhere/around the world, it’s great fun to see what changed over time. Take these:

… only been available in Finland, which hotel had a deal with ‘Mountain Dew’, a soda brand. Deal ended, and as a result we now have the - changed - colamachine and poster (and the sofa that came along now is the HC sofa). In other words, owners of above now see/have the colamachine (and -poster) that have been available in most hotels now.

Clicking the buttons above will show you some of Habbo Hotels’ history. Used screenshots are mostly not made by us - we weren’t there, much had changed before more international hotels went online. Important sources were Nerokala (Finnish site, saw it all, not a fansite anymore), Habbox (English hotel started February 2001) and Habbo Ages.