Whenever a new version gets installed on your hotel, your furniture can have been changed. No worries, it’s usually for the better. Area (or Silo, as is its original name in Finnish) got some major changes over time (click any chair for an overview):

The ‘Iced’ line of furniture follows a very similar path:

Old furniture. Also Pura got a revamp in May 2007 - - and a major extension. In the past, also the Plasto furniture had a slightly different look. Since V11, will now internationally be named ‘Plastic’ instead. Some other items, like Aloë Vera, post christmas tree and mistletoe were updated around v7 too. v11 also brought recolors of the ‘Mode’ furniture, including pink bars, so ‘Candy’ is now just a full pink version.

Updated versions. And while, to conclude, this is a history page, changes are going on all the time. In v12 colors of dragon screen/corner (now to match Asian furniture ànd marquees/wooden screens) were changed. A not even released item before it got changed is the Gothic torch.


Like some other furniture needed to be de-branded, quite a lot of posters had to be changed over time. Click on a poster to see its old version:


Furniture II - Removed items

Via Habbox forum (screenshots are bad quality). Why some of the candles and the single mode column are gone is not really clear. The chess and tic tac toe boards were working games, only released in Finland (and scripted in UK). These were buggy, caused errors in games and rooms (draft of what would have been final result, by Drken: ).