We have our 16 hotels, but there’s more domains, linking to a hotel that uses same language. Like the Brazilian hotel is also Portuguese hotel - or vice versa… for the record, the full list. Some domains are plain redirects ( - addressbar shows url of hotel it’s redirected too), some domain homepages behave like just like a seperate website ( - addressbar keeps showing the alternate domain, though same files are loaded). Oh, and Sulake has some more domains available.

Main entry Redirecting country URL
‘.COM’ http://www.habbo.com/
Australia http://www.habbo.com.au/
Canada http://www.habbo.ca/
Ireland http://www.habbo.ie/
Japan http://www.habbo.jp/
Malaysia http://www.habbo.com.my/
New Zealand http://www.habbo.co.nz/
Philippines http://www.habbo.com.ph/
Russia http://www.habbo.ru/
Singapore http://www.habbo.com.sg/
UK http://www.habbo.co.uk/
Brazil http://www.habbo.com.br/
Portugal http://www.habbo.pt/
Denmark http://www.habbo.dk/
Finland http://www.habbo.fi/
France http://www.habbo.fr/
Morocco ??? *
Germany http://www.habbo.de/
Switzerland http://www.habbo.ch/
Austria http://www.habbo.at/
Italy http://www.habbo.it/
Netherlands http://www.habbo.nl/
Belgium http://www.habbo.be/
Norway http://www.habbo.no/
Spain http://www.habbo.es/
Argentina ??? *
Chile http://www.habbo.cl/
Colombia http://www.habbo.com.co/
Ecuador ??? *
Mexico http://www.habbo.com.mx/
Panama http://www.habbo.com.pa/
Peru http://www.habbo.com.pe/
Uruguay http://www.habbo.com.uy/
Venezuela http://www.habbo.com.ve/
Sweden http://www.habbo.se/

* Argentina, Ecuador and Morocco are mentioned as local communities on the Sulake homepage, yet no specific url/link is specified at Sulake homepage. What Sulake means when saying there’s a local community (*credit to Star-Fighter) is not equal to having a seperate hotel, or a redirect. Their definition of a local community is there’s local payment options available.

Sulake has quite a lot more domains registered, either as a precaution for possible future use, or in some cases, there might be actual plans for launching a new hotel (Korea and South Afrika are being mentioned most) or setting up another redirection. No way of telling, but this is what's found so far. Some will get you a ‘Speednames’ page, which is the company Sulake uses to register domains, others will simply redirect to the .com domain (but just because it’s the most common domain, no way Greek users would be best of there for instance…).

Note we only included one link with ‘habbohotel’ instead of ‘habbo’ inside the url (there are/used to be more). Sulake made the switch to the shorter version, and we count on possible older domains registered that don’t have a short version by now indicate plans have changed. In our view, the lack of a working/registered “http://www.habbo.ro/” domain means we won’t see a Romanian hotel soon…

Czech Republic http://www.habbo.cz/
Greece http://www.habbo.gr/
Hungary http://www.habbo.co.hu/ [www.habbo.hu ?!]
Israël http://www.habbo.co.il/
(South) Korea http://www.habbo.co.kr/
Latvia http://www.habbo.lv/
Lithuania http://www.habbo.lt/
Niue http://www.habbo.nu/ [?? - Island nearby NZ]
Romania http://www.habbohotel.ro/
South Africa http://www.habbo.co.za/
Taiwan http://www.habbo.tw/ [www.habbo.com.tw]