Yay (!), another list, this time to hold all the little trivial and fluffy facts that don’t have a place elsewhere, but are fun to know anyway ;). It’s hardly filled at the moment, we’ll work on that.

First hotel with the new X’s setup (subgroups/teamleaders).
With Sweden the only hotel with a temporary experimental (and very orange) homepage design;
Moderators in Brazil do not have the ‘MOD-’ prefix as usual, but have ‘MOD_’.
Shares (part of) staff with US hotel, and has lots of same campaigns.
In beta stage, Chinese hotel consisted of two hotels, one for Beijing, one for Shanghai (two languages), seperate hotel views, seperate furniture/rooms, but one account would work on both hotels;
The only hotel with localized staff and HC badges, in a directory seperated from the other hotels;
Hotel closed, August 2007, reasons unknown.
The office in Copenhagen also serves as the office for Norwegian and Swedish hotel.
First hotel, and often the first to receive updates.
Was the first hotel to receive v9;
Replaced (fired) their mods with SOS’s, supposedly less repressive and said to be cheaper cause working from Tunesia, Northern Africa. Also said to be bots, and much complained about.
Best voted fansite worldwide, HabboTimes, is German.
Management is notorious for displaying unreleased furniture in rooms (gotta love it ;).
In many cases the last to receive updates;
But catalogue always well filled (lots of things that are seasonal/on occasion elsewhere);
Moderators in Japan have the prefix ‘MOD☆’;
The best alteration artist worldwide in our view, satoh-teki, is Japanese;
And last, something in Japanese culture that makes staff not add “Exchange” to catalog (while newer updates are there) ?
Hotel is a joint venture with TTG;
Held current record of most Habbo’s online at same time, 17.000+ (2006), Spain took over.
Was the first hotel to receive v7;
Lost its office and staff in 2007, now controlled from Copenhagen, Denmark.
Locked for a long while, now open.
Covers, after China, largest area (of Spanish speakers) worldwide;
Holds records of most Habbos online at same time: March 2008: 31.500+, July 2008: 34.000+;
Only hotel where the voting widget for habbo homes is for all players (not just HC members).
Fansites get to fill large parts of newsletter with their content.
First to get an experimental and very orange homepage design, more webstandards based, but losing it (only Brazil got it too, but both are gone now) from a more ‘boxed’ approach;
Was the first hotel to receive navigator as we know it (categorized guest rooms), release 8 and also the first with HabboX’s;
First to get the Mobile shop.
Lost its office and staff in 2007, now controlled from Copenhagen, Denmark;
New (check: gone again) hotel manager BozzaNova aims for title of showcasing most unreleased rare pieces of furniture.
Third hotel, used to be known as a place where a lot of banned UK members met eachother;
…and by massive releases of rare furniture;
Now run from the German office, all original staff left.
United Kingdom
Second hotel around, up to its 4th Hotel Manager;
Used to have the ‘.com’ url, before US and Canadian hotel were created;
First to get the current homepage, and pilot hotel for v17 and onwards.
Shares (part of) staff with Canadian hotel, and has lots of same campaigns.