Ever wondered who were the first users in your hotel ?! It seems you’re not alone, it’s been a hot topic on forums for a long time. Nowadays, easy to find, but it didn’t use to be that way. !! Warning !! This is de-mystifying for any hotel created after hotel Canada (may 2004), and in general, not as hot a topic as people assume it to be (prepare to be disappointed).

Before v11/Habbo homes arrived, it used to be the ‘home phone’ credit code form that revealed the secret (not all hotels have this available). You’d enter your Habbo name and get the code to transfer credits to. That 8-digit code actually shows you where you stand in Habbo history. If you enter ‘Apparatus’ (alias of one of Habbo’s founders) on the UK form, you’ll get “00000009” - Apparatus was the 9th registered user in UK.

Ofcourse, this was guessing and checking if usernames ranked high. Helpful was the fact that if you use the search (for rooms) inside the navigator, and only enter ‘ ’ (a space), you’ll get a list of the first 50+ rooms inside the hotel (note: with introduction of v19 search got improved and this does not work anymore). Lots of hotels have the same room first created: “Kämp” owned by Whatwasit. If usernames were present, they were entered into the credit form, and put into lists if ranking high.

With the release of personal Habbo homepages, there is now a much more easy trick to uncover the full list. Just look at this URL, Apparatus again. Change the number and the homes corresponding to the users will tell all:


Alright, now lets blow this bubble, a little. Lists are there, does this mean those were the first people walking around ? No. Lots of the newer hotels were created with files from older hotels. Which explains those first rooms usually have an “Oh Canada!” owned by Becs in the list (description: first room created in Canada…), and “Habbo Spain” owned by arturo, and “kontrollihuone” (owner hidden). Not really created, just an older hotel partly copied to the new one. Any hotel created after hotel Canada has the same first users, it seems new hotels are build on some template created right after launch of this hotel. Another thing is, also for earlier hotels, most of these were test accounts, never used later on; not that interesting…

Anyway, here’s the lists, first 25, sometimes with information on those first Habbo’s (hover the marked ones (oh, for the record, pictures are no real screenshots, we didn’t meet them in person)). If you can’t be bothered, we extracted the essentials.

The first 25 habbo’s

Being the first hotel, the first 100+ are mostly obvious test accounts.

  1. [Account removed, probably ‘aapo’]
  2. aapo2
  3. [Account removed]
  4. [Account removed]
  5. a
  6. getdown
  7. aapo
  8. jormaollila
  9. ken
  10. armasK
  11. darken
  12. appa
  13. tarsan
  14. naku
  15. w
  16. [Account removed]
  17. eee
  18. test
  19. tyyppi
  20. pekka
  21. pekka57
  22. pekka58
  23. pekka59
  24. pekka60
  25. pekka61

In Japan only the first user shows up, which is aapo, accounts 2-25 are removed.

  1. [Not accessible, no name mentioned]
  2. Franco
  3. armasK
  4. homebeach
  5. Whatwasit
  6. oa
  7. nina
  8. sulka
  9. DaTeme
  10. utplutih
  11. a
  12. [Not accessible, no name mentioned]
  13. toto
  14. roxeteer
  15. hitachi
  16. huuhaa
  17. Paolo
  18. apparatus
  19. alex
  20. Sonia
  21. Elena
  22. David
  23. [Account removed]
  24. hitachi2
  25. [Account removed]

After this list, besides toto, 2-9 and A-Z are being banned…

  1. Whatwasit [banned]
  2. roxeteer
  3. utplutih
  4. oa
  5. [Account removed]
  6. [Account removed]
  7. bloeki
  8. Dreamwalker
  9. [Account removed]
  10. [Account removed]
  11. [Account removed]
  12. [Account removed]
  13. [Account removed]
  14. [Account removed]
  15. [Account removed]
  16. [Account removed]
  17. [Account removed]
  18. -arik-
  19. pl0g1
  20. [Account removed]
  21. DaTeme
  22. [Account removed]
  23. [Account removed]
  24. Lame
  25. 1 [banned]

Canadian staff was either late in, or incognito/undecisive on their Habbo name. The known habbo’s in this list are mostly Finnish.

  1. Whatwasit
  2. roxeteer
  3. -arik-
  4. pete
  5. soo9
  6. DaTeme
  7. utplutih
  8. Oona-Olivia
  9. kurmasana
  10. nemox14
  11. armasK
  12. andek
  13. arturo
  14. ibuxal
  15. MonkeyFunker
  16. Petzkin
  17. petriv
  18. Dreamwalker
  19. verik
  20. tomij
  21. Ceissi
  22. pangea
  23. tohveli
  24. Loistovaanija
  25. mhalttu

Since we explored these numbers anyway, may we jump to some conclusions ?! You’ll roughly see 5 groups:

  1. There's a group of 10+ people who are obvious technical staff from Finland. Same ‘names’ keep coming back. You can’t assume these are all real people, same person might create multiple accounts. There’s only a few we have little detail about. Besides the marked ones note among returning names are (variations of) (d)(a)(r)ken (mucho huuhaa in missions and rooms), andeK, James, Marion, jormaollila, Loistovaanija, Paolo, arturo, soo9 and -arik-;
  2. In a couple of hotels you see staff from older hotels being invited to test, most obviously Dreamwalker and bloeki from Swiss hotel (note to self: Darkmind is old Swiss staff too) in Italy and Germany;
  3. There’s a bunch of obvious test accounts, never to be used again;
  4. Local staff doesn’t always make it into first 25 (or, not visibly), but in a couple of hotels you can see they were involved in an early stage;
  5. And, last, there’s accounts created to prevent future users to take those names. ‘Moderator’ and ‘Admin’ are obvious. The German hotel staff has been very ‘gründlich’ in this respect; registering ‘Berlusconi’ at Italian hotel is funny (and could just be a joking test account).