Habborator Screenshot dump public spaces

Need a screenshot for your fansite, of one of the - now obsolete - public spaces, empty ? Here’s an almost complete collection¹ of them. Click on the thumbnail to see the screenshot. To save, do rightclick the thumnail, choose ‘Save link as’ or similar. Please do not directly link to the image (on our server), but save and upload somewhere yourself (it won’t work anyway ;). V22 ‘widescreen’ and V35 ‘resizable window’ versions if applicable; if changes are evident, more versions included.

¹ Not fully complete. We don’t have a decent screenshot of the “Dancing Stage” chromz (we do have the usual shot, with “l.u.k.e.b.e.l.l: any requests” on it, doesn't suffice). Same for “Face of the future” cinema. We also still accept screenshots of the old Den, Theatre and such, as we’re sure at least some colors are not correct.