Interviews & presentations

Collected interviews & presentations.

‘Habbo Käsikirja’ interviews.
Interviews from the ‘Habbo handbook’.
Excerpts from ‘Revelations: The 11 years of Taivas’.
Interviews with Timo Soininen and Aapo Kyrölä/Sampo Karjalainen. Mostly promotional, but nice photographs.
Fostering open-ended play: unleashing the creative community.
Sulka Haro’s Keynote at AGDC 2007. Why? Nice rundown on Sulake history.
Infrastructure for innovation.
Osma Ahvenlampi’s presentation slides, COSS, February 2007. Why? Gives insight in the massiveness of technical operations.
Business refactoring.
Osma Ahvenlampi’s presentation slides, LOGIN, May 2010. Why? Gives insight in Shockwave to Flash transition and Facebook connection.
Interview Paul LaFontaine, March 13, 2012.
By Jason Steele/Grecian9 (wav>mp3).


Assorted articles and other related files.

Habbo hotel UK 5 years.
Lost_witness did a little write-up at the time, we seem to have saved.
Localized average age in Habbo.
By continent and country.
Habbo logo.
For print purposes.
Birth of a brand.
Nice little write-up from 2007, by Alistair Williams/Colmc.

Behind the pixels

‘Behind the pixels’ is a magazine-like release, created by Mark Bamford aka Dionysus from Helsinki HQ - he asks/talks a little more indepth compared to regular interviews with staff. Started March 2012, then new Habbo blog got same title, but these seem to be coming still.

Behind the pixels I.
Introduction & the fatalistic lemons.
Behind the pixels II.
Interview with Painimies/Timo Ahde.
Behind the pixels III.
Trivia on Kitsune campaign.
Behind the pixels IV.
Interview with Juho ‘Optimus’ Paasonen/ediootti.
Behind the pixels V.
Interview with armasK/Ilkka Kallasmaa.
Behind the pixels VI.
Interview with Funkstein (Senior software developer).
Behind the pixels VII.
Marks story on the 514 project (as posted on blog earlier).
Behind the pixels VIII.
Browsing the office for merchandise.
Behind the pixels IX.
Rabbits: their design and character design.
Behind the pixels X.
Interview with Marion Strumpel/Jet from Habbo hotel Netherlands.
Behind the pixels XI.
Interview with Heini Kaihu.
Behind the pixels XII.
Habbo Talents, framework for HabboCM and more, going alpha, by Linn.
Behind the pixels XII: Attachment.
Series of concept graphics to go with BTP XII.
Behind the pixels XIII.
Interview with Rishell Biermann.