Habbo II

We have to mention/list this, but Sulake is very hush hush about this. Somewhere in 2005 a video got spread (dated 15.7.2005) called ‘Habbo 2’, 3D look & feel. It’s as much 3D as Habbo is now, difference is it showed vector graphics, not the pixels we’re used too. And it showed people going outside, streets, stores, cars. Sulake got into action and had it removed from the web (copyright infringements). Did a good job, only thing to see online are screenshots, ugly watermarked by some scripting site (as we also forgot saving it at the time). We’re not sure why they so much try to keep it from being seen, and do not want to involve into illegal stuff, so just this bit of it, for an impression:

To us, this comes across as being a concept, probably just a video (only, no new version in development at the time yet) made in HQ to see if going this direction was a viable option. Not a change we would desire, but a cool video nonetheless. We reckon people at Sulake also decided to change in different ways, keeping the pixels, and tried to keep it from view because it would heat up debate among fans ?

In the end, we’d rather just show the video, set it into context as just a visual experiment, and be done with it. Besides, it was a fun thing to watch, some decent work put into it…