Habbo Dreams

“Habbo Dreams isn’t exactly about sleeping - it’s about chasing away nightmares swooping in on a small boy. As he lies in his bed, gently snoring, all sorts of nightmarish apparitions - tip-toeing cactus men, big-headed ice people, evil space ducks and crawling crocodiles - are trying to reach him. If they succeed, he wakes up in a night sweat and it’s game over…”¹

Another mobile game on the J2ME platform, released summer 2006, Habbo Dreams featured several levels of nightmare chasing by typing in the attached words - even starting to type the word slows the nightmare down, but be sure to chase away the fast ones first. “Collect bonus items and different power-ups… Getting all of them will unlock a very special bonus dream. The game features 3 different play-modes: ‘Story’, ‘Arcade’ and… ‘Create your own dream!’ So come to unlock your creativity Habbo-style.”²

After a full game on a small/not succesfull platform (Habbo Islands on Nokia N-Gage), two J2ME attemps that were considered potentially not profitable (Tonga/Animator3000), another batch of more simple J2ME games and Habbo Imager for mobile were actually released. Sales may have been good, but in de end, Sulake decided to do what they do best, virtual worlds, also on mobile devices.

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