Habbo ‘Arcade’

In a series called the ‘Arcade’ three small games for mobile phones were released. ‘Duck-up!’ is a tetris alike game where you need to align three ducks in same color. ‘Puzzle Pipes’ is a connect the pipes to fix sewage, water and heating puzzle, and ‘Space Pool’ a pool game in space. Impression below, click images to toggle some scenes.

The games were released in 2006. For some reason ‘Puzzle Pipes’ and ‘Space Pool’ soon vanished, while ‘Duck-up!’ remained on Habbo while the shop was there, and still seems to be available in some webshops. Design of ‘Puzzle Pipes’ done by Marko Kalliokoski (amidst much more, having been working at Sulake 2004-2011):

Pretty advanced gameplay..