Tonga’s Adventure

You might have seen this, as part of advent gifts in 2009 - “That is some kind of stripped down version though, since the original introductory screen, main menu and some other features have been totally removed (e.g. credits screen!), left with a ‘straight to game’ experience.” Words by Jetro Lauha, one of two software developers on this project (design by ?), dated 2006, actually.

After/while it became clear Habbo Islands, was a) a very ambitious project, maybe b) targeted at a limited platform/audience, scope shifted to more simple concepts, easy/fast to produce, and adapt to a changing market. Some got released (Arcade/Dreams/Imager), but by the time Tonga’s Adventure was ready Sulake put a halt on producing mobile applications for a while.

Well, simple, it’s a “nice one-button action-adventure game with some lightweight rope physics.” (JL), but you’ll still need some skills to get through it. You’ll need the space bar only: click image to play.