Coke Studios

Coke Studios was another virtual world, made for Coke, that shared many similarities with Habbo & VMK. Avatars were called V-egos, credits were decibels, instead of a ‘bobba’ filter it used ‘blah’. Coming online early 2003, it seems by the end of 2004 relation between Coke and Sulake had ended. There was a Coke Studios 2.0 developed by Studiocom (some idea on changes on personal pages of designer Mauricio Ruiz and coder Mark Blottner) - people seem to think it was renamed also, but it was the portal of which it was part of that changed from ‘Coke Music’ to ‘MyCoke’. It still used core design made by Sulake. December 6, 2007 it closed. An impression:

Main designer on Sulake’s part seems to have been, again, Tuukka Savolainen. He somewhere mentioned this to be his most joyful work at Sulake, as he could go really wild, Habbo’s rules on design being more strict.