Electrolobby Gamejam

Sulake participated in ARS Electronica - Electrolobby ‘Game Jam’, Austria, 2001. Press release: “The electrolobby mutates into an international game lab! In a radical four-day challenge, a crack global team of 20 high-profile next-gen-creatives pool their talents to program a massive online game hall. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the genesis of online games, from concept and gameplay to character design and programming, in the very pit of creation. Feat: Team cHmAn, Sulake Labs, Kerb, Moccu, Lippe, Kaliber10000, mach5design, Praystation. A co-production of Vectorlounge and TNC Network.”

Juhani Lassila: “Sulake guys took part and made a simple 2D chat game’. Whole event captured on camera and, if we’re not mistaken, it were Sampo Karjalainen and Aapo Kyrölä presenting the company.

What it seemingly was, is they took their propietary technology, FUSE, like the other developers took their tools, and build a simple variation of a chatting environment, like Habbo is the complicated version.

We wouldn’t mind seeing some photo footage of the event, there sure must be some evidence :p.