We knew, from Habbo Käsikirja, that ‘painimies’ (wrestling man) aka Timo Ahde came to Sulake in 2000 to help create ‘Urjala’: “a medieval role-playing game, which was forgotten when we started to develop and expand Habbo”. The assumption the project never got past some drafts turned out to be completely mistaken. Urjala got close to being released:

Urjala is a region in Finland, used to locate gameplay. Sulake also had the website for it stored - reading over the page, there’s quite a few surprises there:

Like this runs on HUUHAA technology, probably a variation of FUSE, more developed to support gaming aspects ? Huuhaa is a Finnish word meaning ‘nonsense’/‘easy believing’ in fake stories. Alike SOCK and Boombastica, Urjala itself is rather an example/demo of what clients could have developed for their own ‘unique user experience’. Kultakala and Habbo were not considered the core products of Sulake yet.