A game, one with explosives, and again, for hire. Boombastica was never released, but “The players can choose an animal character from a selection of penguins, colorful lizards, bunnies and koalas dressed in funky clothing. The high score system which lists the team scores and individual scores makes it possible for the players to really compete in the game and try their best. Between the games, the players can relax in an igloo chat room where they can form new teams and talk big. Although Boombastica features explosions, it really isn’t that violent: nobody is hurt in the game. The game has been designed to be as much fun for teenagers of both genders. Previous experiences show that the players tend to stick together and form lasting friendships while playing the game.”

Juhani Lassila: “this was also an early game idea Sulake created, but it was never released, it ended just as a prototype.” Scheduled for late 2001, Sulake abandoned a series of projects during that year, setting its focus fully on Kultakala/Habbo.

We’ve seen the game featured in early versions of Drken’s (aka Tuukka Savolainen) portfolio. And we think we can identify his style, so it’s safe to assume that most, if not all, design here was done by him.