Sulake has a big building. Well, they have a new one now, but it’s in the old one we were imagining there being plenty of room to store stuff that is close to being forgotten, and we imagined it to be somewhere underneath these big roof windows. This section tries to uncover what’s being stored, which projects existed in 10+ years of Sulake history, and foremost, what’s the story behind them all.

So, you’re invited to wildly click on boxes and stuff, uncover some of of Sulake’s past projects. There might be some things you were not aware off.

Picture taken from tower of old firestation in front of (former) Sulake office. This section running on jQuery & jQuery UI, and additional plugins jScrollPane, PikaChoose and qTip. Along with the JW Player, CSS3 PIE and Soundmanager 2. We like to complicate things.